Industrial Lubricants & It’s Importance to a Business

Attaining a high efficiency in using an equipment is impossible without the existence of industrial lubricants. Hence, companies now are continuously innovating industrial lubricants in order to keep up with the evolving needs a particular industry. Quality lubricants are now one of the most important products in any industry dealing with machines and its absence will result to the deterioration of the company’s output.

Industrial Lubricants

Industrial Lubricants

Lubricant is a substance which reduces frictions by making surfaces smooth.

Application of lubricants is commonly used in automotive, marine, metal working and industrial companies. It has three physical states namely liquid, semi-liquid and solid. Some of the examples of liquid lubricants are turbine oils, gear oils and motor oils. As for semi-liquid lubricants, its examples are vaseline and greases.

Molybdenum disulphide, graphites and Teflon are the most popular solid lubricants.
An industrial lubricant serves many purposes, one of f which is to reduce the friction to ensure a polished process. It can also minimize metal surfaces from corroding or deteriorating due to the temperature, water or acid. Another important use of an industrial lubricant is that it reduces the temperature of a machine and lastly, it protects the whole system by keeping out contaminants.


Industrial lubricants are applied in various machineries such as turbines, bearings, hydraulic systems, pneumatic tools and open and closed gears. These products, which are otherwise known as heat transfer fluids, also have anti-wearing properties in order to avoid the wearing of the pumps.Some of the common additives are anti-foaming agents, rust & corrosion inhibitors, anti-oxidants and metal deactivators. An additiveis also an integral element in the lubricant since it increases the viscosity of a lubricant or the oil’s resistance to shear and flow.


For instance, anti-wearing additive zincdialkyldithiophosphate (ZnDDP) is contained in engine oils. In gas turbine oils, the additives used are tricresylphosphateor other phosphate esters. And where there is a less need for anti-wear protection, Phosphorous additives are utilized.


If there is no industrial lubricant, a catastrophe may result in the factory. Imagine your hand being rubbed for several times; such repetition will result in your hand getting warm and eventually causing injuries in it. The same outcome happens in using machinery.


However, it must be stressed out that using a lubricant is not enough; one has to buy the appropriate product depending on the temperature requirement of the equipment, its speed and load. Since lubricants are used for different purposes, there are a lot of kinds of lubricants out in the market today. The specification of one machinery is different from the other so one has to watch out in choosing the right industrial lubricant. All aspects must be considered in order to avoid any damage to the equipment as well as to the operator and workers.


Company owners have different goals depending on the industry they are in but they are all the same in aiming for a machine that has a longer life, high efficiency and unparalleled reliability. Undoubtedly, lubricants have a big role in any industry and they make work easier and faster.