Lubricants: Introduction to Properties and Performance Hardcover – May 12, 2014

Those working with tribology often have a background in mechanical engineering, while people working with lubricant development have a chemistry/chemical engineering background.


Chemistry and Technology of Lubricants Hardcover – December 2, 2009

Describes the chemistry and technology of base oils, additives and applications of liquid lubricants.


LUBRICANT PROPERTIES, ANALYSIS AND TESTING (Publication IFP) Hardcover – October 6, 1998

In this work the reader will find the main analytical methods for evaluating and monitoring liquid lubricants, classified as a function of properties related to performance.


Synthetics, Mineral Oils, and Bio-Based Lubricants: Chemistry and Technology, Second Edition (Chemical Industries) Hardcover – February 4, 2013

Highlighting the major economic and industrial changes in the lubrication industry since the first edition, Synthetics, Mineral Oils, and Bio-Based Lubricants, Second Edition outlines the state of the art in each major lubricant application area.


Lubricants and Lubrication Hardcover – April 9, 2007

This completely revised second edition incorporates the latest data available and reflects the knowledge of one of the largest companies active in the business.


Developments in Lubricant Technology Hardcover – August 25, 2014

Provides a fundamental understanding of lubricants and lubricant technology including emerging lubricants such as synthetic and environmentally friendly lubricants.