My name is Nick Diaz and I’m an Industrial Engineer who currently works as an independent Mud Consultant. As an Engineer, I manage the day-to-day chemistry composition of the industry lubricants used in drilling exploration. My duties include managing the overall logistics and inventory used by the operating and contracting companies to help operations run smoothly. I also have experience in working with WBM (fresh and brine) and OBM (diesel). Choosing the right lubricants for specific conditions is an important part of drilling operations. I take into consideration cost, performance and environmental impact. My work has taken me to several places such as Spraberry, Woodford, Clearfork, Eagle Ford, and Austin Chalk.

I earned my certification from Hadley Fluids Engineering for Industrial Lubricants Technology in 2013. I learned about mud treatment products and contaminants, how to interpret data from proper tests, and can recommend the proper treatment. I gained experience in using common field formulas and in gathering samples and performing lab tests, as well as determining trends and identifying contaminants. I gained the knowledge to determine causes of fluid, hole, or system problems and assist in treatment recommendations. I have since worked for Bosque Systems, LLC as a Field Operator, and at BEG Mud Services for Gibson Energy and Oil as a Drilling Fluids Engineer. As an independent Mud Consultant I have worked with many oil and energy companies including Omni Energy Services, OFI Testing Equipment, Newpark Drilling Fluids, Gibson Energy and A1 Fluids. I have experience with petroleum, natural gas, and oil.

I have gained many skills including onshore, well control, lubrication, oil field, directional drilling, petroleum engineering, stimulation, and completion to name a few. It is through hard work and determination that now, at the age of 43, I can work at a job I love and continue to strive and learn everything I can to be the best engineer I can be. I enjoy talking about developments in lubricant technology. With ever changing technology and new innovations, learning is a necessary part of being an engineer working with energies. The Mud Man is who I am and what I do.